Welcome to Eastwood Medical Centre

Special Notice

Eastwood Medical Centre will be changing from a bulk billing practice to a mixed billing practice from mid-November, 2023.

The changes will be as follows;

  1. All healthcare card holders & children under the age of 17 years and those over 65 years will continue to be bulk billed.
  2. Health assessments and Chronic Disease care plans including mental health care plans will also be Bulk Billed.
  3. The rest of the patients will be charged a fee depending on the nature and duration of the service.
  4. The medicare component of the fee will continue to be reimbursed by medicare shortly following the service.

Our charges will be as follows;

Consultation – face to face and telehealth.FeeMedicare rebateOut of pocket
Standard – less than 20 minutes.$75.00$41.20$33.80
Long – 20 to 40 minutes.$125.00$79.70$45.30
Extended – more than 40 minutes.$175.00$117.40$57.60

To qualify for Telehealth consults and receive a Medicare rebate, you must have been seen face-to-face by GPs at this practice in the last 12 months.

Please ensure that you show your Medicare card and current pension card to reception staff on arrival.

Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information

For the latest complete information from NSW Health, we recommend you visit their page by clicking on this link – https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/diseases/Pages/coronavirus.aspx

Australian Government Department of Health Coronavirus (COVID-19) information – https://www.health.gov.au/news/health-alerts/novel-coronavirus-2019-ncov-health-alert 

Should you have any concerns please call to discuss beforehand or call health direct on 1800 022 222

Coronavirus vaccinations: We have Covid Vaccinies available for all 5 years and over.  If you need assistance with this our staff can help. 

Covid Vaccines

Please ring for an appointment.

Appointments will be made if we have vaccines available and according to the current guidelines.

Please be patient with our staff.

Telehealth Consultations Available for some Medicare Consultations for patients we have seen within the last 12 months and those with Covid.

You can now book a phone consultation with any of our Doctors for some Medicare consultations. Please call 02-9858 5833 to book your Telehealth consultation. Telehealth consultations for all must be made by telephoning. The Online Booking does not accept Telehealth booking.

Please do not come in if you are sick with fever, cough or any signs of a “cold” or “flu”. Please ring us to discuss.


Face to face consultations can be booked online – see our  BOOK APPOINTMENT tab.

Our appointment-based system has been operating since July 2016 with good feedback. You can book your appointment online in real-time using our BOOK APPOINTMENT TAB located on the far right of our home page tabs. Click on BOOK APPOINTMENT, select your preferred practitioner (doctor), and it will show you all available appointments for that doctor then click your preferred appointment and follow the steps to booking it in.

Eastwood Medical Centre is a general practice for the whole family

Eastwood Medical Centre is a friendly, caring, and professional small-group practice, which is open extended hours, and bulk-bills most consultations.

At Eastwood Medical Centre, we have experienced doctors who understand that each person’s health needs are different. We are committed to promoting health, wellbeing, and disease prevention for all patients, and aim to treat all patients with dignity and respect.


We have practice nurses working with us now 5 days a week. They will help with updating our computer records and with Chronic Disease Management and Health Checks as well as vaccinations and dressings. A Practice Nurse might see you before you see the Doctor.


Eastwood Medical Centre is now accredited to assist you to register for your government My Health Record and upload a health summary from our practice for you to share with your other providers. It is secure, safe and the best way possible to share your health information. To sign up for your assisted registration and to upload your health summary, please book a half an hour appointment with one of our nurses by calling our practice directly or ask your doctor during consult about the process.


Regular health checks are important. They need to be targeted for your age and medical conditions. Not all health checks need a blood test – especially in those under 45 years. Those that are 75 years or older are eligible for a comprehensive health medical service that is fully bulked billed to medicare. Call us or use our online booking system to secure your appointment today.


Chronic Disease Management is very important and our new Practice Nurse will soon begin contacting patients for special ongoing follow-up. Did you know if you suffered from one or more chronic diseases, you may be eligible for medicare services for allied health? Book now to speak to one of our doctors about obtaining a plan.


At Eastwood Medical Centre, we now have appointments available with all of our doctors. We are also happy for you to walk in, and see the next available doctor – wait times apply. You can always nominate which doctor you would like to see. Patients are generally seen in the order of their arrival. If the staff are particularly concerned about a patient, however, that patient may be seen out of turn.

It may be necessary to have more than one consultation if you have a list of un-related problems to discuss with the doctor or book a longer appointment time. You can book a longer appointment by asking staff when you call, or by using our BOOK APPOINTMENT tab and selecting a longer appointment time. We recommend all new patients book a longer appointment and women having PAP smears / women’s health checks.

Results and Phone Calls

Patients are advised that all results will need to be obtained at a follow-up appointment. For most tests, it is best to discuss the results during a consultation with your doctor including a TeleHealth telephone call. Please book a TeleHealth appointment.


This Medical Centre adheres to the National Privacy Principles. Your medical record is a confidential document. It is a policy of this Medical Centre to maintain the security of your personal health information at all times.